Holiday frenzy in December – How to keep your sanity!

Black Friday has come and gone….thank heavens. It was worth it for my son, who was one of the first in line at Sports Authority early Friday morning. His friends both got a $25 gift card…but Grant scratched off his gift card…and was surprised that he  received a $100 gift card. When you are a broke college student, that is a lot of money. We know where some of our Christmas gifts are coming from this year!

Did you go shopping…or did you avoid the frenzy to pace yourself and purchase gifts for your loved ones at a later date. Coupons will be in abundance for the next 3 weeks. Always remember that giving is more rewarding than receiving. Especially when the person is in true need.

Make a concentrated effort to take a “step back”…think about what you can give that will make a difference in someone’s life. The present you will get back should prove to be priceless!

Set a budget and STICK TO IT! Do not use credit cards unless it is a dire need. Our grandparents survived quite nicely without EVER using them. We can do just the same. It ‘ll be hard….but the payback over the next several months and years will be worth it. 

Think about this…..Put $5 in a bowl every Sunday night for the next 52 weeks, and do not touch it. Keep it under “lock & key”  for the next 52 weeks, and with very little pressure you will have almost $250.

This will be a gift for you….that was simple and profitable. And IT WORKS! Start this Sunday.

What a great investment…..YOU!

Keepin’ a great attitude.

The “Attitude Amazon”


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