The days are getting a bit intense, but this I found interesting from the "Blog Squad."

Following is a quick response that I did to the queen of the blogs…..”The Blog Squad“….Patsi was stating the importance of adding personality to your blog. I think you will find this interesting:


Patsi, I loved your “rant” on personality. And thankfully I’m right on target
with your idea. I have been dubbed “The Attitude Amazon.” At 6 ft. tall & the last name of Strong…….you better have an attitude & a great one at that! I speak on the power of your mind. Achieve it when you believe, truly works. I am a mentee of Tom Antion & James Malinchak. Now I have you to thank for your wisdom. I will keep on learning & blogging!! Thank you.
Eileen Strong,
Strong Incentives
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