2009 will be positive, positive, positive! We can all make it better!

Yup, it came and went by so fast. Holidays were celebrated and so were birthdays in my family. My husbands big day is December 23rd. He calls it 48 hours of decandancy….and we help him with that belief. Decorations are being put away and reality is coming back with speed.
So take a step back and truly count your blessings….and ask for more. Recognizing your blessings and acting upon them, will be the catalyst to more coming your way.
For those of you who have read “The Secret” or who have read (and understood) “The prayer of Jabez“….you understand that blessings are truly there for you. BUT you must recognize them and make the most of them. This in turn will be your responsibility! A headline I saw was “Thank God its Monday, cause I’m kickin butt and taking names. At the National Speakers Association, this is a topic that is focused on as we all look for new business and increased current business.
Always look for blogging tips from the great team at the Blog Squad. They will teach you how to make your blog rock…so that you can roll….in the dough.

Keepin the Attitude!
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Eileen Strong

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