Success & Self Employment

The most difficult job you will ever sign up for is self employment. It is also the most rewarding in many ways. I have been in this field by choice for over 20 years. Many of us have chosen this journey. Several authors and books have helped me stayed focus. Author and speaker and business man Brian Tracy has been successfully self employed and speaks and trains on the topic of sales. His book “Eat That Frog” shows people how to stay focus, manage their time and most importantly get the worst things done first. The gist of his book is that when you “eat that frog, and get the WORST task done first” …the rest of the day will flow more productively. 

Think of the advertising campaign that Nike has of  “Just Do It!” That same theme is exactly what Brian Tracy is speaking about. 

Taking one task at a time and completely finishing it before going onto another task, allows you to be more productive. 

As an old advertising campaign used to go…..”Try it, you’ll like it!”

Do just that…and you’ll like and benefit from the results.

“Keepin the attitude…..the Attitude Amazon

Eileen Strong

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