Football frenzy is here! Giants vs the Eagles on January 11th.

This  Sunday will be intense for football since our friends and family are Giants fan, and our daughter Kristin is in love with a “South Jersey” guy…and he is big time into the Philadelphia Eagles

With the New York Giants winning the Super Bowl last year, there will be a lot  of yelling and screaming in  the house. This should be interesting. 

Statistics are showing the New York  Giants to win….but I must say it will be a great game.

Personally being a “born & raised Cheesehead“….straight from Wisconsin: I was pro Green Bay Packers and or watching Brett Farve on the New York Jets. I have read the Farve is invited back, ONLY if he attends ALL practices.

Time will tell whether he will show up or not. 

Looking forward to this Sunday. Have a cold beer with us at our house!

Keepin the Attitude,

“The Attitude Amazon”  Eileen Strong

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