CONFIDENCE… we BEGIN to lose it.

Statistically speaking the average child had lost over 65% of the confidence between 3rd grade and Middle School! The reason for this is peer group pressure the majority of the time.

Obviously what goes on in the home is a contributing factor….but it’s usually the acceptance/rejection cycle that takes place in the hallways, playgrounds and classrooms. Even the school bus can make or break your day.

Usually the “cool” kids would hang out in the back of the bus…so that fewer pranks were caught by the driver, or students.

Several years ago, a book called “Queen Bees & Wanna Bees” made the best seller list. It even was made into the hit movie “Mean Girls” with Lindsay Lohan.

Following that book came “Odd Girl Out” and “Letters From Odd Girl Out.” All of these books addressed the verbal abuse that adolescent girls could do to each other.

Young guys simply “duke” it out in the bathroom or hallways. But girls go for serious, long term emotional damage. They intend to hurt. That is their objective.

You remember someone in your class who was taunted by the “in group” don’t you? Or  were you the one doing the taunting?

There is a great figure of speech that sums it up. “Once words are spoken, a thousand horses cannot pull them away.”

Have you spoken ever with words that were meant to do damage. Most of us have.

Think before you speak the next time.  Think how you would feel if someone said the words to you, that you were going to same to them.

Think about it.

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Eileen Strong

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