Know your material…literally be prepared!

When presenting there can be so many variables. Cell phones ringing, people distracting your flow when you present, interruptions, people leaving to make a call. All of these components can affect the quality of your presentation. Being interrupted can upset you from feeling smooth and confident about your material. It happens to the best of us!
When you know your topic, and can pick up at any point in time (and this takes practice) you will always have a sense of credibility. People will realize if you have felt distracted and have lost your flow.
As my late uncle used to say….”Now that I was so rudely interrupted”
He may not be in your audience….but they are out there.
Confidence regarding your message, clarity and credibility will make you shine.
If you were a boy scout you would remember their motto “always be prepared”….well it is the truth. Be prepared and you will be great!

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  1. Richard
    Richard says:

    This happens more often than people care to admit. They think it is there right to answer their cell phone and disrupt you and think nothing of it. At my monthly seminars I always mentioned to turn off their phones unless they are ER doctors (and one of my clients is!!!) At a recent Toastmasters Meeting, where I am now Sergant at Arms, before we started I mentioned that any phones going off would be smashed with the gavel I was holding… They know me and knew I was serious!

    I just put this their rudeness down a bad business practices. And usually take them off my list for the next seminar (or my list of potential clients). Just my two sense….

    Richard M.J. Jarosz
    Lone Keep Internet, Inc.


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