Speak to be remembered this summer!

Yes, it is the “lazy, hazy days of summer” and we all are looking forward to getting away from the intensity of the year. But you still have to hold a presence in their mind…and you can. You can be “hot” in the midst of the summer heat, without raising the temperature outside…by being memorable with your presentation…and unique.

I have said before that your “brain thinks in pictures” so bring a memorable imprint to the podium with you.

Whether you are bringing a prop up with you…or your message is so strong that it doesn’t even need a prop…make it memorable.
Come out with an incredible opening line statement, and make it powerful. So powerful that people will come up to you later on and say…”That is so cool what you opened up with!”

Mark Twain sayings, can be used frequently for opening or closing sentences. Check out his litany of comments or beliefs and build it into your speech.
If you are giving a presentation with graphs or statistics…why not open with his line of…”There are lies, there are damn lies…and then there are statistics!” Trust me when you say that, it will bring a gentle smile to their face…or it at least will give you a more subtle opening into a dry topic.
No one needs another boring presentation full of statistics, bars and graphs.
C’mon make it easier on your listening audience, by bringing some dry humor into it.
Another memorable Mark Twain sentence is….
“The older I get, the more clearly I remember things, that never happened!”
With that sentence in mind, you can now review information that has to be reviewed…it may be a deluge of data, but at least you can soften it by bringing a lightness to the relevant data, that needs to be presented.
These are just suggestions…but make it easier on your listening audience. Some may even want to be there, but I can guarantee you that the 80%-20% ratio has a portion of people who do not.

So make it memorable, make it credible,…and make it you!

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5 Things You Must Know To Stay Ahead Of Your Competition!

It’s a fact…there will be people better than you at what you do.
Either they are more focused, creative or knowledgable…and their bottom line shows it too!
Instead of floundering, and envious of what they are accomplishing…take assertive next steps to make yourself stand out from the rest.
And literally it must be assertive!
#1: Inundate yourself with your potential clients business. Know what is going on, and how you could make a difference in their productivity. Find out where their problems…their pain is. And then think strategically!

#2: PUT YOURSELF IN THEIR PREDICAMENT. How would you handle it?

#3:  By coming up with two or three different strategies, you approach them with your ideas, stating that you have potential solutions that could be of benefit to them. It could be ideas that they have already tried and even possibly implemented….but you have planted a seed that shows your interest.

#4: And seeds usually grow…when nurtured. Stay active regarding their activities. This may take time, but stay focused, stay in touch. Because many people reach out only once or twice, than they feel that it is not worth their effort.

This is wrong!  Don’t give up. Stay focused…stay “hungry” and stay ahead of your competition. Make yourself unique and make yourself memorable. Others may fall to the side…but you don’t have to!

#5: Be consistent about your social media. Write articles that would benefit your potential customers. Present a dilema and offer a solution. Whether you tweet, or Facebook/Pages or start discussions on Linked In….be consistent. Make your name noticeable and memorable.

Speak to organizations or associations, if you have a topic that would be of interest to them. Remember, discuss a “pain” and offer a solution. As an Adjunct Professor of Marketing at Kean University, I present this business opportunity to my classes all the time.

Yes everything has been already talked about, but there is always an opportunity to come at issues with a slightly different strategy. At I work with clients that need to strategically approach their marketing strategies at a slightly different angle….looking for the “missing piece!”

And sometimes that twist can be right in front of you. Thinking “out of the box” can help you find an angle, an approach or a strategy that catches their eye.

Again, you have planted the seed that you offer something different, something valid and worth taking note of.

This is what makes you stand out from the competition, instead of them standing out ahead of you!

Continue to hone your skills by reading anything by Alan Weiss and Aldonna Ambler. Both niched targeted their markets repeatedly and successfully….as can you too!

I hope to read about you in “People to watch”…as your business accelerates continually!

Eileen Strong

Strong Incentives…delivering powerful results!