Eileen Strong

Professionally Speaking

Eileen Strong is an internationally recognized speaker who brings content rich presentations to Association meetings, corporations events and company break out sessions.

“The Incredible Chameleon Within You!” & “Success of the Corporate Chameleon” & “What We Have Here is a Failure to Communicate!”… are just some of the powerhouse campaigns that Eileen presents with results thru out the country.

Listen and discover how you can adapt to unforeseen change in your professional and personal life. Change can turn consistency into a muddled confusion, that affects your productivity and profitability. Eileen breaks each
successful strategic step of Communication, Health, Attitude, Negativity, Goals and Education with building steps that lead to Success!

Rave reviews have been repeatedly received for these presentations!

She has presented to the F.B.I., the U.S. Army, The National Guard, Mennen, Miller Beer, Heublein, Mirro, Bolinger, and a multitude of corporations around the country.

Book Eieen today for powerful presentations addressing “Managing Stress & Emotions”, “Successfully Addressing Burn Out in the Workforce”, “Leadership Success Strategies”, and a multitude of customized presentations created for each meetings needs.

Best selling author of “Who Stole My Confidence? – 7 Rock Solid Steps to Take Yours Back!” Available at Amazon, Strong Incentives web site, and all of her presentations.

Recognize that your confidence wavers thru all stages of your life. Never expecting when the stages of your life can reduce and temporarily takes yours away. Discover how to handle these “stolen chapters” of your life,with this incredible book today!

“Eileen your book is simply wonderful! What a great tool for everyone in their life!
Burt Dubin – Internationally recognized trainer and speaker

“Who Stole My Confidence?” is a must read for all of my clients. It strategically shows one how to address the unexpected with successful techniques. Great Job Eileen!

Dr Barbara Becker Hosltein Practicing Psychologist Author of “I’m a girl, I’m smart, & I now everything!”
& “You tell me your secret, & I’ll tell you mine…..maybe”

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