Have you lost some confidence in yourself?

When Kirstie Alley was competing on”Dancing with the stars”…she said “I am so happy to be getting back my confidence. I’ve lost it the past few years, and it’s  time to get it back.”

I believe that everyone could relate to her statement!

Haven’t you lost your confidence professionally or personally recently? Hasn’t someone said something or did something that “chiseled” away at yours?  And you let it eat at you.

Possibly you lost sleep over it, or ate a row of cookies….simply feeling miserable, yet also confused.

Well life is like that. Look at how many young women observe the models on magazines or on TV commercials and worried why they did not look like that.

Many of them do not even know that “photo shop” was being put into good use with those models, and that gal truly did not even look like that. There are so many examples that I can list here… where we are challenged to look thinner, be prettier, drive better cars,….and the list can go on and on and on. This is just part of the issues that I talk about in my book “Who Stole My Confidence?  Rock Solid Steps to Take Yours Back!”

Understand that  it still comes back to the point on reclaiming how we feel about ourselves. And this is a journey. Keeping a healthy self esteem and level of confidence, is a daily process of acceptance. Of recognizing that we do have faults and we can must accept and adapt to them. We have to give ourselves the PERMISSION to grow from what we have.

Acceptance and self respect are the roots of this process. And loving who you are is the critically important first step. Easier said than done…. if you have been teased, chastised or yelled at.  Begin writing down what you truly think are qualities that you like and respect about yourself. And you may have to look deep, because you have suppressed it for so long. Find even one thing, and honor it. Then look for another. It may temporarily be a short list…..but it will grow. Trust me it will.

Just begin this list first…almost like balancing out your check book. You can only take out, what you put in. Thus keep investing in yourself…it will be the best thing you have ever done!

Contact me Eileen Strong, if you want a customized CD created for you to take powerful next steps in your confidence and self esteem. There are many posts to come in the near future, showing you how to reclaim and grow your self confidence. Stick with me, and you CAN and will feel better about yourself!

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