Is the 2nd semester already here?

The partying was great, the grades maybe not so great. But now you have to get serious. Have a plan that can have flexibility and still allow fun. But have a plan. If you have not heard it yet, you will hear it again and again thru out the next several years……”Fail to plan….plan to fail!”

And it is the truth.

These college years are going to go by so fast, and you will be getting your diploma and your college payments sooner than expected. Maybe it is graduate school right away. Most companies want you to wait a little before getting it, but I know a lot of students that went directly  into “Grad” school and did just fine.

But May will be here, and your grades will have impact. As will the knowledge you have learned.

If the partying remains consistent at your school (Tuesday, Thursday, Friday Saturday) as it does at many; consider slowing it down….a little. Moderation really does work.

Have fun making new relationships.

Try not to get married right out of college. You may be so very much in love….but let some time past. Travel…….save…..and do it again. And then do it again. Take care of yourself first….learn about you, so that when you do share your life….make it a life that is fulfilled, and has an abundance of experiences to share with someone.

The “Confidence In College” – Attitude Gal

Eileen Strong

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