Mid Term Mania….it’s almost here!

Believe it or not, those mid term tests are almost here. I have a great technique that will help you remember more and feel less angst when taking your tests. Here is the best way to remember more….

Whenever you are studying, always break it into 20 to  25 increments. Then take a 3 to 5 minute break…come back…sit down and study again for another 20 to 25 minutes. You can do this for 3 or 4 hours….if you need that much time to remember the data.

But this technique does work and you can change your patterns. I know, I know you have always studied like a marathoner…..into the night and staggering into class with all your freshly read data…but WHY beat yourself up so much.

Just this small change can improve your scores….and your GPA.

Try it you’ll like it  and the results that you get.

Call me into your college, so I can speak directly to your group to make even more “win-win” changes!

You can find me at ConfidenceInCollege.com

School will go by way toooooo fast. You’ll find out. Why not make it a better experience.  Technically you are there to learn…..remember more, and test easier. Now that is awesome.

Eileen Strong


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