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study1Your confidence in yourself can change on a daily basis. If someone talked behind your back, and you got word of it….first off you are worried, or scared and then you begin to think it through again and again. Why would someone talk about me that way?
Why would they talk about me behind their back? What did I ever do to them?

And the self doubt and worry begins. You question yourself and what you could have done that would have rectified it. You think it through again, and again and again. What did I do wrong?
Why doesn’t he/she call? Should I call them or just put it up on my facebook wall?
This is a normal process of questioning yourself. Sometimes you do it daily and sometimes you might even do it hourly…if you are in fear of approaching someone.
All of this comes back to the fact of believing in yourself and how you personally feel about yourself. How you look, act and present yourself to others….is an ongoing journey of growth and change. There is no right way or wrong way. These are just opportunities to find out what worked at that point in time.
The trial by error is sometimes the best learning lesson. WHOA! I sure am not going to do that one again.
So you back off….regroup your thoughts. Talk it over with someone….look in the mirror and realize that you can start that conversation again. Maybe with someone else.
Backing off out of fear will cripple you in the long run.
Believe in yourself, in your quiet moments and in your public moments.
Continue to take uncomfortable steps in a new direction.
It probably will “suck” each any everytime you try it, but it will make you more confident in yourself the next time you try it.
Choose not to be your own worst enemy.
Write down what you want.
Say what you want.
Believe in what you want.

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