Confusion is going to happen!

It seems that somedays things go extremely well, and fall into place. Friendships are strong, grades are doing pretty good, and classes actually make sense.
Possible new relationships seem to be working in the right way.
I mean it really is falling into place.
Either a grade lower than you expected.
Or a phone wasn’t returned…..or you got bad news from somewhere. It simply sucks quickly.
You gotta regroup, and rethink it through….without beating yourself up.
Ask your friend or teacher if they have a
few minutes.
Be candid, and ask directly the issue at hand.
Otherwise you will be stuck.
You can even find yourself sinking fast.
Oprah has a Friday LIVE session where several topics are brought up.
Chris Brown and Rhiana (a.k.a. Robin)
decided to go back to the guy who beat the crap out of her less than a month ago.
That is how quickly life can turn for you or on you.
It happened to me. One year my Mom died and I was in an abusive relationship. I was only 22….just like Rhiana.
Let me know if you would have gone back to Chris. Probably you have heard that if “he hit you once….he will surely hit you again!”
(That too happened to me…it really is scary, and messes with your confidence, beyond belief.)
Oprah is not positive about the image that this young singer is showing other young women.
The fact is 1 in 4 young women will be physically, verbally or sexually abused between their late teens and late 20′s.
Take stock in yourself….don’t become a statistic.
There is no one like you…no one!!!

Keeping the attitude…..the Atttiude Amazon!

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