Friendship, Self Esteem and You!

Ever question how your friends really feel about you? Sometimes, the truth is that your friends can change. Maybe the chemistry just isn’t there anymore.
Remember, you really need only ONE BEST FRIEND….all the rest can be acquaintances that you can hang with.
A really good, good friend will be there with you….when it seems that the rest of the world has walked out on you.
I have a sign in my kitchen that says…..” A good friend will be there when you call….but a GREAT friend will be sitting next to you in the cell saying “Damn that was fun!”
Not that  great fun has to go to that extent…but it is kinda cool.
I still have my best friends from elementary school. You can show up at any time, anywhere in the country and even though months have passed…it will seem like you just saw them.
They are always there for you….anytime and anyplace.
But you have got to work at having friends. What you want from a friend is also what you have to put into a friendship. It is a two way street.
Make sure you are listening when they talk.
Be a great listener. And don’t comment right away. Sometimes a friend just needs and wants to talk.
Learn to be quiet.
Learn to listen.
Genuinely listen….and then respond.
Also learn to RESPOND NOT REACT!
Be the friend you want to be…that is the best friend YOU could ask for.
What you will get in return, will be a safe place that you can go to anytime.
The TV show “Friends” was a great show….how would you place your friends….if you were the casting agent?
Think about it.
It should bring a smile to your face.
Better yet….listen to Bette Midlers song……”But you gotta have friends”
It’s a great song to listen to with YOUR friends.
Keep Smiling,


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