Keep your confidence as you start a fresh year at college!

Wanting to be accepted as you move into a new room or new dormitory is your priority. You simply

WANT TO FIT IN!  Everybody wants to be able to feel good about themselves. Are you judging yourself too harshly.

We really can beat ourselves up…and no one can do it as well as ourselves!  Give yourself the complete permission to be yourself. BREATHE IT IN….LET IT GO….BREATHE IT IN AGAIN…AND BE FRIENDLY…and BE YOURSELF.

My first roommate smoked cigars in the room and got away with it…..but when she took my clothes and wore them, was TOO MUCH.  She was 5 ft. 1″ and I’m 5′ 10″.  Now c’mon, that is quite a height difference. She simply had the “balls” to take what she wanted and NOT  care about the repercussions.

I left that roommate after 1 semester. Some things are simply not meant to work out.

With the pressure of classes, homework, money, acceptance (rejection)….you’ve got a lot on your plate to handle.

If it is bothering you, what is taking place all around….write it down and shred it. No one needs to know about your angst….but you’ll feel better by writing it and shredding. In a way you got it off your chest and out of your mind. Hey this REALLY WORKS!

Seriously try this, it will give you a calmness and clarity to stay focused.  By staying focused you will be more at ease to accept new relationships, and let go of ones that you simply don’t need anymore.

Stay true to you. You’ll feel better and so will the people in your life!

At my website you get even more info. Let me know what’s going on.

Keepin the Attitude,


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