Spring Break…Is It Broken?

So the partying has begun, or for some is over with. Have you done anything you regret…..or was it a blast. New friends, new relationships, broken hearts, texting and memories.
Did you fall in love or just in lust for all that just out there for the taking.
Enjoy the memories, but you gotta realize that extensive, intense partying has dues that have to be paid.
Not just the physical stuff, but sometimes the repercussions from it.

If you had a great time, and enjoyed everyday….then you were in the majority. But some will find themselves pregnant. (Gosh, how did that happen?)
Some will have been hurt in car crashes from the drinking or even kidnapped in Mexico. The stories are real and some are daunting.
Moderation is still the key word to all of this. You CAN have a great time….but pace yourself. This is a once in a lifetime experience. Make it work for you.
Enjoy the memories….and share the photo’s on facebook….and look forward to next year…..in moderation!

Keepin’ the attitude,

The attitude amazon,
Eileen Strong

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