Your answering machine has an answer for your clients?

Most people are missing out on an opportunity to promote their services at the beginning of it all.

You may have blogged, or written articles, or had a great website…or even networked powerfully….but now you have the opportunity to reaffirm what you have to profitably give to that client, from the first phone call!

Always remember that you have the answer to their “pain” or their problem. And here is where you can promote it with reaffirmation. It can let your clients know up front that you are the one to work with. You are the one to make a difference for them, because you can make a difference!

Because you are so thorough, and so focused on what you have to offer them….you have now deeply planted the seed that you truly ARE THE ONE to WORK with!

Actions and words have such powerful impact. Make use of every one. Such simple steps can have such impact. 

I have rewritten the acronym of the K.I.S.S. theory from “Keep it simple stupid”to “Keep it simple successfully.”  The power of positive truly does make a difference. Your belief system and your attitude along with all of your marketing actions, can make a difference for you and your clients “bottom line!”

Try it….you’ll like it!Image

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