How would you feel standing behind that microphone?


Personally I love that picture and the experience that it offers!

Most people cannot say that….the experience of presenting to a group of people is uncomfortable for some….and terrifying for others.

Why? Because it still remains the #1 fear that people have.

Are you a part of that majority? Are you controlled by the FEAR of sharing YOUR knowledge. Information that YOU KNOW and understand….yet don’t have enough confidence to present your material?

You can change how you perceive that fear. You CAN control your fear, and actually present your material with confidence.

Two powerful techniques come into play here. And you can incorporate them and leave this fear of pubic speaking behind you.

The first technique is called Neural Linguistic Programming….commonly called –  N.L.P.

I want you to repeat this following sentence, word for word.

“I choose to be in control, feeling  calm and confident when I speak, is O.K. with me.”

…Now while saying this exact sentence, I want you to press your right thumb to the first finger on your hand. Say the sentence with meaning. Now take a deep, relaxing breath, and repeat this exercise, with each and every finger. After you have said it one time on each finger of your right hand…repeat this same exercise on your left hand. 

This 60 second exercise, should be repeated several times a day. This allows you to reprocess this fear, minimize it….and take control of your emotions.

This allows you to speak with confidence….about YOUR material that YOU already know.

The other key to taking it the next level….is practice your presentation at least 3 times to someone else. 

These steps are simple yet powerful.

Now implement them and make this well deserved change.

Last but not least, contact a professional skills expert, like “moi”..and discover how to make your presentation with credibility, clarity and confidence.


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