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An EXPERIENCED TRAINER is necessary for your company

to be more productive and profitable. Communications, stress factors, conflict between management and employees, and a multitude of other components can affect ones work environment. Eileen Strong has been a professional speaker and trainer for over 20 years and she brings engaging and content rich programs to your company. Topics can be customized for even better results.

She has worked and trained for the FBI, US Army, Yale University, General Electric,  Verizon, Dunkin Donuts, Prudential Insurance, and many, many more!

Whether you need 1 hour, or half day to full day training, her diverse programs will be informative and results oriented!
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Presentations & Visual Aids: It’s show and tell

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Most presenters find that using some sort of visual aid helps them to engage their audience. Some people, however, make the mistake of leaning too heavily on their visual aids. Doing so detracts from their speech and distracts the audience.  Think back on the age-old elementary school activity “show and tell”.  You show your audience something and then tell them a story about it.


Speak with clarity, credibility and confidence!

Eileen Strong is an executive speech coach who helps you discover how to eliminate your fear or apprehension of speaking in front of any size audience, so that your message is delivered with charisma and content rich information.

Since speaking in public is the #1 fear that people have, and fear of death is #7, I believe that Jerry Seinfeld summed it up best! Read more

You know your material….why don’t people remember when you speak?

ImageGrant Kristin both know their professions extremely well! He’s a professional videographer…..and she’s in nursing management. They excel within their fields, and when they are asked questions….they give you concise and concrete answers. That simply means that their listening audience remembers what they said. 

They know how to talk and present because their mother is a professional speaker. And yes they have learned. 

Do people remember you whenever you speak on a topic? Or are your nerves in such a dominant factor that people remember more of your er’s, ah’s um’s. In Toastmasters we actually have a counter for all of your “er’s ah’s” to be counted. This is to make you more aware of how you can minimize this weakness and work at eliminating  that habit significantly.

When you speak, focus on the KEYPOINT of what your message is…..and bring it to your audiences attention (no matter the size) at least 3 to 5 times. You want your message and key points to be REMEMBERED…so that they come back and want to learn more from you. 

And of course…..do MORE business with you.

I’ve revamped the K.I.S.S. theory  – Keep It Simple Successfully! Be content rich when you speak; repeat your Key point and be remembered because of what you presented.

As a professional presentations skills expert Strong Incentives can show you how to do this! Call today and make positive changes today in your next presentation.