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Eileen StrongEileen Strong is professional speaker that engages your audience with memorable presentations and powerful messages! She is a multi-award winning speaker who creates, stories that carries the message you want delivered to your attendees with impact, results and effect.

Keynote speech:  C.H.A.N.G.E.S. – “Successful Steps to Handling Change”

Change is inevitable in all of our lives. How you address it and emotionally & pragmatically handle it, is critically important. If not, change can control you and your productivity and profitability in a crippling way. Discover these 6 critical steps to approaching change, so that you feel in control, instead of it controlling you.   Eileen addresses these components in the following way:  C.ommunication – H.ealth – A. ttitudes – N.egativity – G.oals – E.ducation = S.uccess!

“Say What You Mean….Mean What You Say…..And Don’t Be Mean When You Say It!”

“What we have here is a failure to communicate”….is not just a sentence from the famous movie Cool Hand Luke. At all levels of professional and personal management you MUST be able to communicate effectively. There are several personalities that you must communicate with in your personal and professional life. Understanding the key to communicating effectively with customers and work office personnel is a critical component! This is a keynote and workshop/training presentation that will benefit all who attend. Enhance your communication skills, so that what you say, is truly heard and understood!