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Staying Focused…easier said than done!

Ok, I’ll admit it…I suffer from “Squirrel syndrome.”   (I mean ADHD)…but I digress. It is oh so easily for all of us to let our mind wander and not finish a task that you initially set out to do. It is a fact that our attention span has been drastically reduced,  because of all […]

“Why NOT you?”

Russell Wilson’s dad said this to his son…repeatedly…regarding his “limitations” of being only 5’11″! Coaches questioned whether he really could be a solid, successful quarterback and that size would hinder him. Obviously he proved everyone wrong…as did all of his incredible teammates. Think you can, think you can’t was proven again to be right. They […]


  An EXPERIENCED TRAINER is necessary for your company to be more productive and profitable. Communications, stress factors, conflict between management and employees, and a multitude of other components can affect ones work environment. Eileen Strong has been a professional speaker and trainer for over 20 years and she brings engaging and content rich programs […]

Presentations & Visual Aids: It’s show and tell

Most presenters find that using some sort of visual aid helps them to engage their audience. Some people, however, make the mistake of leaning too heavily on their visual aids. Doing so detracts from their speech and distracts the audience.  Think back on the age-old elementary school activity “show and tell”.  You show your audience […]

You know your material….why don’t people remember when you speak?

Grant Kristin both know their professions extremely well! He’s a professional videographer…..and she’s in nursing management. They excel within their fields, and when they are asked questions….they give you concise and concrete answers. That simply means that their listening audience remembers what they said.  They know how to talk and present because their mother is […]