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The wisdom of a professional business guru….

Tom Antion continues to amaze me. He is so knowledgable in the world of internet marketing. His 60 tips in 60 minutes last night was content rich. He even “fessed up” to changing some techniques, that he always considered winners. Marketing tools  such as long copy sales letters, and dropping in video above the letters […]

"Who Stole My Confidence?"

Success!!! I have finished my first book and am ready to go to print and online. This great book deals with all aspects of losing, gaining and keeping your confidence thru life. I show you 7 “Rock Solid” steps to take yours back. It is told thru a first person story of a successful journey that can […]

Public Speaking Fears….Why Is It the Worst?

I went to the NJAWBO statewide meeting Thursday, April 1st…introduced myself to many people and remained amazed how many people that I networked with, were confident talking “one to one” but terrified, literally scared of talking to a group. Why is that? The fear of making a mistake? The fear of being judged by someone? […]

Laugh, love and live….for tomorrow it may SNOW….AGAIN!

When I left Wisconsin….I left my “snow days” behind. Or so I thought. Living here on the Jersey Shore makes the midwest look like a balmy paradise! We are on to snowstorm number 5. And it just keeps coming down. Oh and of course the snowblower has died. That would be too convenient for it […]

You Gotta Believe….you really, really do.

Fun, fun, fun…..is guaranteed everyday if and when you practice what humorist Loretta LaRouche speaks on. Most of us in America have lost our capability to laugh with abundance. The economy is down, the housing market is in a crisis, unemployment is up….and these were the headlines that several presidents have talked about for over […]

The sadness of death…….

Yes, I know it is inevitable, but when you lose someone that you knew or loved or at least liked a lot….the finality of the end of life is simply empty. A family member, a friend or a pet can simply drain you of all emotions. I lost my Mom when she was only 55, […]

How frustrating is Tax Day in your life?

April 15th will be here and gone within a blink of the eye. Either you will have waited till the big day in fear or have already filed an extension. But the inevitable….is just that. Do you wait for your return…to live off for the next few months. This economy is messing with all of […]

CONFIDENCE…..how we BEGIN to lose it.

Statistically speaking the average child had lost over 65% of the confidence between 3rd grade and Middle School! The reason for this is peer group pressure the majority of the time. Obviously what goes on in the home is a contributing factor….but it’s usually the acceptance/rejection cycle that takes place in the hallways, playgrounds and […]