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The Power of the Red Cross!

Disaster after disaster they continue to help people in need. Our Jersey Shore Red Cross has been very busy still helping us out of the massive damage from Storm Sandy, BUT they got in their trucks 2 nights ago, and headed out to Moore, Oklahoma! Their objective is to help…without questions.  They take action and […]

Change is inevitable!

As a homeowner who took a MAJOR hit from “Super Storm Sandy” I know about CHANGE! We lost over 13 large trees….one that was growing before the Civil War! On the up note, we are going to have a lot of sun on our in ground pool this summer. Each day we are reminded of […]

The power of YOUR mind! Have you ever known someone who followed the “my way or the highway?” syndrome.

The late Henry Ford said…..”think you can,….think you can’t….either way you are right! How many times have you felt you COULD do something, then the power of your mind either scared you away or the thought of something going wrong stopped you! Seriously, how many times have you been your own worst enemy? Personally and […]

National Speakers Association is having

National Speakers Association is having another GREAT meeting on Wednesday, March 20th, 2013 with Greg Williams, expert negotiator and body language professional! Mark this on your calendar to learn how to increase your profits with each and every deal that you make! And also remember Saturday, April 20th…when we are having “Speakers University” where you […]

Whose winning your “rat race?”

With all the constant social media, extra responsibilities at work, and less personal time….does it ever seem as if ” the rats” are winning? Doesn’t it seem as if your 24 hour day keeps getting less less. Staying on top of all your professional and personal responsibilities seems to chisel away at it even more. […]

The president of the National Speakers A

The president of the National Speakers Association is presenting to the New Jersey chapter next week. If you were ever interested in becoming a professional speaker, join us next Tuesday evening. Need more information? Please go the NSA NJ site, and sign up for a great time and informative evening! As the current president of […]