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Always think with the 4th sale in mind!

Are potential long term customers “flying” away after doing one time business with you? Well this happens with most of us. We keep on chasing that Gold ring, going round and round hoping to catch and close that deal. And then we never follow up with them. That is why you should read about and […]

Celebrate everyday of your life!

  Today is my birthday and I am celebrating all weekend! In fact I celebrate everyday the beauty of life. We are so truly blessed in so many ways, that we forget to recognize how special we are. Whether you are young, middle age or officially now past 60, I am still smiling and loving […]

Are you using your business card effectively?

Are you using your business card effectively? Quick take a look at your business csrd. Is it BLANK on the back side? So many of us are wasting valuable marketing space by not promoting your skills, services and business as effectively as you can! Remember while a potential client is looking at your card, you […]