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Failure Simply Hurts & Winning Is Awesome!

Walt Disney was a failure and needed psychological counseling more than once. Thomas Edison failed more times than he succeeded….as did Harlan Sanders (Kentucky Fried Chicken fame). They have been told “no” “we don’t want it”, “go away”, “your’e nuts”, “you are  too expensive”, “it won’t work”…..and the list of rejection statements go on and […]

Did you lose your self confidence today….again?

 What fun it was wearing Loretta Larouches Cape of confidence!   Make an effort to see this dynamic motivational speaker who specializes in STRESS management…with a smirk and a smile! All 5 ft. of here rev’s up so much energy, that each comment is applicable and appropriate to your life! But the fact remains, it […]

Do you love what you do for a living?

Y’know it gets harder and harder to seem to enjoy what we are doing on a regular basis. Either it burns us out and we get bored and look for something different. I am finding that more true with so many students that I have met. I don’t know if they are looking for the […]

Oprah and the obese teenagers dilema

For those of you who watched the show, you must have seen the hurt and confusion of these teens. They have been hiding and burying their emotions with food. So many of us do that anyway. Comfort food is called that for a reason! As one of the teens guys was saying, if one plate […]

Confidence growth for you!

Your confidence in yourself can change on a daily basis. If someone talked behind your back, and you got word of it….first off you are worried, or scared and then you begin to think it through again and again. Why would someone talk about me that way? Why would they talk about me behind their […]