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Celebrate your success!

Well today is Grounds Hog day. I guess we are celebrating that there was no shadow and that winter will be over sooner than later. But at this rate, we have already had our complete share of winter in the Northeast. This is a special day in our family….since it is not only Ground Hog […]

The power of having confidence!

As we go thru life, there are several factors that affect our self esteem and confidence. And it can change daily, weekly or monthly. But it is a fact that your confidence will be challenged either professionally or personally. A loss of confidence can be like a malignancy. It can eat at you and do […]

Professionally Speaking

Eileen Strong is an internationally recognized speaker who brings content rich presentations to Association meetings, corporations events and company break out sessions. “The Incredible Chameleon Within You!” & “Success of the Corporate Chameleon” & “What We Have Here is a Failure to Communicate!”… are just some of the powerhouse campaigns that Eileen presents with results […]

Speak to be remembered this summer!

Yes, it is the “lazy, hazy days of summer” and we all are looking forward to getting away from the intensity of the year. But you still have to hold a presence in their mind…and you can. You can be “hot” in the midst of the summer heat, without raising the temperature outside…by being memorable […]