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How to speak confidently in public….and actually feel comfortable doing it!

Ugh….I’ve got to speak…and I really, really don’t want to!! I mean seriously, I don’t want to! First off, it is a natural apprehension. Even a professional speaker can be a little on edge. If you have ever read interviews of established actors….they always mention how apprensive they are…”how many butterflies” they have in their […]

“Who Stole My Confidence?”

Confidence can be fleeting! It can be dampened by a comment, action or the presence of someone. As the author of “Who Stole My Confidence? – 7 Rock Solid Steps to Take Yours Back!”, I feel quite knowledgable on the topic. Having worked with hundred of clients over the past several years….I am amazed, how […]

5 Mistakes In Your Marketing Materials.

I am amazed at how many people continue to state all the shining attributes about themselves! (Mistake #1) Yes it does feel temporarily good, as you reread your material and go over the statistics that you have so proudly listed. But seriously this information, should only be considered as a “seal the deal” bit of […]

Always Be Marketing!

Next Sunday, March 19th….you will be able to watch Secret Millionaire. No wait….you MUST watch Secret Millionaire next Sunday. The incredible and dynamic James Malinchak will be sharing his wisdom and his wealth to those in need. Not only will it move you, but you might even get to learn a little about James himself. […]

Not everyone is going to like you!

You have heard of the 80/20 rule? It is true with everything in life….especially when you make a presentation. Even one that you have prepared for! Vil Pareto in the 1880’s is credited with this statistic that 80% will like and 20% will dislike….no matter what! And this statistic can be applied to almost anything […]

Got F.E.A.R?

Have you heard “the only thing you have to fear, is fear itself?” Well lets break this apart. This acronym stands for F.alse E.xpectations A.ppearing R.eal. And that is what happens when we are not sure of our own level of confidence or self doubt… when it comes to a presentation. Taking control of the […]

Celebrating your success!

Well today is Ground Hogs day and supposedly it has been determined that we will not be having a longer winter. Really doesn’t matter since we have already had our fair share of winter already here on the Jersey Shore. Personally I am celebrating this day since it is my son’s 23rd birthday. And it […]

Got confidence?

Whatever stage in life you might be at, your confidence can be challenged at anytime. Whether you are in negotiations for a job, promotion or a pay raise, you will probably question yourself. Possibly you will have second thoughts while it is taking place, or more so, you will question yourself after the event is […]

“Tis the season”

Yes, it is the season to celebrate so many things. The fun of family, celebrations, gift giving, laughter and memories. It is your choice of how you to choose to celebrate it. Many of you have a double celebration as does my husband. His birthday is December 23rd, and he has dubbed it “48 hours […]