Laugh, love and live….for tomorrow it may SNOW….AGAIN!

When I left Wisconsin….I left my “snow days” behind. Or so I thought. Living here on the Jersey Shore makes the midwest look like a balmy paradise!
We are on to snowstorm number 5. And it just keeps coming down. Oh and of course the snowblower has died.
That would be too convenient for it to work, when we have had the most snow in years!

But it sure is pretty outside, as long as you don’t drive in it. My rear wheel drive Lexus is a nice ride….but not in snow.

Sometimes life is like that. You have all the right equipment. You are basically prepared….or so you thought. And then “WHAM”…the LETS MAKE A DEAL DOOR OF LIFE…swings wide open and leaves you lying flat on the ground.
That is what has happened in the past 6 days.
My neighbor dies after being sick for 5 weeks. My friends premature baby dies after 2 weeks of living. My very close friend has been given a very poor prognosis with his kidney & spinal cancer….and finally today…the Veternarian advised us that our cat has limited time. She said that time would tell within a few days whether “humane euthanasia” might be the next thing to do for our little 10 yr. old Kitty.
No matter where I turn…the unique brevity of life is becoming more apparent.
Truly, celebrate yours everyday. Make it special. Call your friends. Do something special for yourself everyday.
Feel good about what you do at work and at home…seriously. Most of us just glean over our day; deal with “stuff” as it happens.
And we simply go on.
Enjoy your next good belly laugh. Or at least seek out something that is funny, that will make you laugh. Release your serotonin (just a little bit more every day). Serotonin is that “James Brown” chemical that makes you think….”I feel good….dah da dah da dah da dah” (put some music in there)
Don’t just go thru the motions of your day….enjoy the simple things.
Because your’e worth it!

You Gotta Believe….you really, really do.

The Cape of "Ta-Da".....& the fun of believing!The fun of wearing the famous Ta-Da” cape of Loretta LaRouche!

The Cape of "Ta-Da".....& the fun of believing!

Fun, fun, fun… guaranteed everyday if and when you practice what humorist Loretta LaRouche speaks on. Most of us in America have lost our capability to laugh with abundance. The economy is down, the housing market is in a crisis, unemployment is up….and these were the headlines that several presidents have talked about for over 150 years.

Most of us know that “History repeats itself.” And that IS the truth!

The truth is also that we no longer laugh as much as a child does. The average adult laughs, smirks, smiles broadly or giggles less than 40 times a day. The average child under 10 does just that from 100 to 400 times a day!

How did we lose this incredible gift?

One of the topics that I speak on is “Laughter is Contagious….Want to Catch Some?” This seminar addresses the incredible stress in our life….at work and at home. What negatively happens at work, we drag back home….and what happens at work we tend to take out on family members that we love.

Take a step back…and smile at yourself in the mirror. Make eye contact with the person you are next to…and genuinely ask how they are doing.

Check in and see how you are doing at least 3 times a day. Check in with yourself in the morning. Review your state of mind mid-day and evaluate how you are doing at the evening hours.

The great, late Norman Cousins, knew of the power of positive and more so the power of laughter.He was advised that his days were numbered and that he should get his affairs in order within the next 3 to 6 months….because that was the prognosis given to him! He checked in to the hotel across the street from the hospital and rented and viewed comedy films, day after day, after day.

What prognosis? He lived another  16 years!!

Give yourself a “Ta-Da” everyday. Laugh out loud…and be silly for no reason. Don’t think about it…just do it. If you don’t pat yourself on the back and give yourself a “Ta-Da”…who will?

As a speaker, I love bringing joy to your company, seminar or workshop. Strong Incentives brings powerful results… a positive way!

Blessings in abundance to you everyday!

The Attitude Amazon,

Eileen Strong

The sadness of death…….

Yes, I know it is inevitable, but when you lose someone that you knew or loved or at least liked a lot….the finality of the end of life is simply empty.
A family member, a friend or a pet can simply drain you of all emotions.
I lost my Mom when she was only 55, and I had just turned 23. This was way too young for both of us.
I now have lived much longer than the time that I ever knew her.
Reading of the death of Patrick Swayze, and the murder of the Yale Medical student, the death of a high school friend and the death of my sister in laws sister….has brought the brevity of life into a very clear focus.
I wish you to cherish today, or this evening. Enjoy your friends, your loves, your pets, your family and more important enjoy the quality of your life.The beauty of laughter is soooo cool. Make an effort to smile more….it sounds trite, but damn it is so true. Laugh and love your life starting now. Seriously, you may only have a few moments left. You are worth it, you are worth it….you truly are worth it. Celebrate and love who you are!

How frustrating is Tax Day in your life?

April 15th will be here and gone within a blink of the eye.
Either you will have waited till the big day in fear or have already filed an extension.
But the inevitable….is just that.
Do you wait for your return…to live off for the next few months. This economy is messing with all of us and we are hurting. Is your money what you will live off of the next month or two?
How do you feel instead of the government sending monies to all the bankrupt companies… about sending a $10,000 check to every citizen in America. We could then spend it and truly generate the country by bringing it back to life!
Seriously, think about it.
When America comes back out of recession #12 since the great depression….it will be the smaller stores of our country that will take the longest to bounce back.
Suzie Orman, says that we will have financial highs and lows for the next 6 years. Also she now says that we should no longer pay off our credit cards….but to STASH OUR CASH!”

Americans are being sent mixed signals.
Watching your 401 continue to falter.
But whatever cash you do have, spend it and restumulate this hurting economy.
Even America is being blamed for the worlds recession.
We are like the “leader of the pack” with a bullseye on our side.
C’mon guys…..give us a break.
This greed on Wall Street and in the hallways of these major banks, was the catalyst.
Give us time and we will be back…and we will be stronger.
Oh and yes there will BE another recession after this one.
Because life goes on…….
Carpe Diem guys……
Pay your taxes, or wait for your refund….but keep the attitude that keeps you going. This is your gig.
Turn off the TV, the NPR or the Wall Street Journal.
Sit on the porch, talk to a neighbor and enjoy the day. It’s yours. There are no refunds on this day. It is just yours. Make it right for you!

CONFIDENCE… we BEGIN to lose it.

Statistically speaking the average child had lost over 65% of the confidence between 3rd grade and Middle School! The reason for this is peer group pressure the majority of the time.

Obviously what goes on in the home is a contributing factor….but it’s usually the acceptance/rejection cycle that takes place in the hallways, playgrounds and classrooms. Even the school bus can make or break your day.

Usually the “cool” kids would hang out in the back of the bus…so that fewer pranks were caught by the driver, or students.

Several years ago, a book called “Queen Bees & Wanna Bees” made the best seller list. It even was made into the hit movie “Mean Girls” with Lindsay Lohan.

Following that book came “Odd Girl Out” and “Letters From Odd Girl Out.” All of these books addressed the verbal abuse that adolescent girls could do to each other.

Young guys simply “duke” it out in the bathroom or hallways. But girls go for serious, long term emotional damage. They intend to hurt. That is their objective.

You remember someone in your class who was taunted by the “in group” don’t you? Or  were you the one doing the taunting?

There is a great figure of speech that sums it up. “Once words are spoken, a thousand horses cannot pull them away.”

Have you spoken ever with words that were meant to do damage. Most of us have.

Think before you speak the next time.  Think how you would feel if someone said the words to you, that you were going to same to them.

Think about it.

Keepin the Attitude with the Attitude Amazon

Eileen Strong


As a professional speaker and trainer for my company,Strong Incentives, several attendees have loved the following “prayer.” I thought you would too!

Please enjoy!

Grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change,

the courage to change the things I cannot accept,

and the wisdom to hide the bodies of those people I had to kill

today because they pissed me off.

Also help me to be careful of the toes I step on today

as they may be connected to the ass I may have to kiss tomorrow.

Help me to  always give 100% at work……

    12% on Monday

     23% on Tuesday

     40% on Wednesday

      20% on Thursday

        5% on Friday

And, help me to remember…..

When I’m having a really bad day,

and it seems that people are trying to  piss me off,

that it takes 42 muscles to frown and only 4 to

extend my middle finger and tell them to bite me!



Keepin’ the attitude,  the Attitude Amazon

Professional speaker, trainer and coach



Football frenzy is here! Giants vs the Eagles on January 11th.

This  Sunday will be intense for football since our friends and family are Giants fan, and our daughter Kristin is in love with a “South Jersey” guy…and he is big time into the Philadelphia Eagles

With the New York Giants winning the Super Bowl last year, there will be a lot  of yelling and screaming in  the house. This should be interesting. 

Statistics are showing the New York  Giants to win….but I must say it will be a great game.

Personally being a “born & raised Cheesehead“….straight from Wisconsin: I was pro Green Bay Packers and or watching Brett Farve on the New York Jets. I have read the Farve is invited back, ONLY if he attends ALL practices.

Time will tell whether he will show up or not. 

Looking forward to this Sunday. Have a cold beer with us at our house!

Keepin the Attitude,

“The Attitude Amazon”  Eileen Strong

Success & Self Employment

The most difficult job you will ever sign up for is self employment. It is also the most rewarding in many ways. I have been in this field by choice for over 20 years. Many of us have chosen this journey. Several authors and books have helped me stayed focus. Author and speaker and business man Brian Tracy has been successfully self employed and speaks and trains on the topic of sales. His book “Eat That Frog” shows people how to stay focus, manage their time and most importantly get the worst things done first. The gist of his book is that when you “eat that frog, and get the WORST task done first” …the rest of the day will flow more productively. 

Think of the advertising campaign that Nike has of  “Just Do It!” That same theme is exactly what Brian Tracy is speaking about. 

Taking one task at a time and completely finishing it before going onto another task, allows you to be more productive. 

As an old advertising campaign used to go…..”Try it, you’ll like it!”

Do just that…and you’ll like and benefit from the results.

“Keepin the attitude…..the Attitude Amazon

Eileen Strong

2009 will be positive, positive, positive! We can all make it better!

Yup, it came and went by so fast. Holidays were celebrated and so were birthdays in my family. My husbands big day is December 23rd. He calls it 48 hours of decandancy….and we help him with that belief. Decorations are being put away and reality is coming back with speed.
So take a step back and truly count your blessings….and ask for more. Recognizing your blessings and acting upon them, will be the catalyst to more coming your way.
For those of you who have read “The Secret” or who have read (and understood) “The prayer of Jabez“….you understand that blessings are truly there for you. BUT you must recognize them and make the most of them. This in turn will be your responsibility! A headline I saw was “Thank God its Monday, cause I’m kickin butt and taking names. At the National Speakers Association, this is a topic that is focused on as we all look for new business and increased current business.
Always look for blogging tips from the great team at the Blog Squad. They will teach you how to make your blog rock…so that you can roll….in the dough.

Keepin the Attitude!
Your Attitude Amazon
Eileen Strong

Scrooge is alive and well in my town!

While leaving the post office, satisfied that all cards and packages had been successfully mailed…I walked out the doors and saw an older man walking slowly and using his hand to balance himself against the buildings wall. 

It was slippery, so I came over and offered to help him to the entrance. I was verbally accosted by either his frustration or anger. He said quite loudly….”GET OUTTA HERE…..WHAT BULLSHIT!!!!”

It was clear he did not want help. I backed away and thought….that is one unhappy man. Whether he is that way all the time I don’t know. But the name Ebeneezer Scrooge, sure came to mind.

This time of year is hectic for all of us….but even more so in our family with my husband having a birthday on December 23rd. He calls it 48 hours of  decadency!!

We have good friends who have 3 birthdays in December and a Wedding Anniversary. Now that makes for an intense month. But they make it work every year…and they love it!

Remember always make it work for you…so that in return you can make it work for others. What goes around, truly comes around when treated with respect and positive attitude.

Now that is the RIGHT attitude! Making your day special, no matter what time of the year it is!

Keepin’ the attitude….

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

The Attitude Amazon    

Eileen Strong