How would you feel standing behind that microphone?


Personally I love that picture and the experience that it offers!

Most people cannot say that….the experience of presenting to a group of people is uncomfortable for some….and terrifying for others.

Why? Because it still remains the #1 fear that people have.

Are you a part of that majority? Are you controlled by the FEAR of sharing YOUR knowledge. Information that YOU KNOW and understand….yet don’t have enough confidence to present your material?

You can change how you perceive that fear. You CAN control your fear, and actually present your material with confidence.

Two powerful techniques come into play here. And you can incorporate them and leave this fear of pubic speaking behind you.

The first technique is called Neural Linguistic Programming….commonly called –  N.L.P.

I want you to repeat this following sentence, word for word.

“I choose to be in control, feeling  calm and confident when I speak, is O.K. with me.”

…Now while saying this exact sentence, I want you to press your right thumb to the first finger on your hand. Say the sentence with meaning. Now take a deep, relaxing breath, and repeat this exercise, with each and every finger. After you have said it one time on each finger of your right hand…repeat this same exercise on your left hand. 

This 60 second exercise, should be repeated several times a day. This allows you to reprocess this fear, minimize it….and take control of your emotions.

This allows you to speak with confidence….about YOUR material that YOU already know.

The other key to taking it the next level….is practice your presentation at least 3 times to someone else. 

These steps are simple yet powerful.

Now implement them and make this well deserved change.

Last but not least, contact a professional skills expert, like “moi”..and discover how to make your presentation with credibility, clarity and confidence.


A Chameleon HAS to adapt to survive! What do you do to survive in your business?

Blending in….the critical component!

As you grow your business, do you find it difficult to adapt to the environment?

My father use to say to me “Eileen always understand that nature is seldom mild in the wild.” That makes so much sense the more I experience the world of business.
With the intensity of competitive social media.
The ongoing pulsating factor of the internet…
always on – always going – never asleep – one is constantly adapting to the changing needs of a customer or unfocused employee. Do you have a team member not contributing their fair share to the team? Are their non-participatory actions causing you lack of productivity amongst your employees?
Then you have to adapt and take the next step actions. It is not worth the lack of productivity or loss of profitability. As a leader or entrepreneur, you have to take control of the situation.
Don’t think of it as “crossing the line” and jeopardizing
your relationship with them. Think of it like the Chameleon, adapting to the situation and the environment to survive.
Keeping your work environment productive, positive profitable is your goal. Sometimes not easy…sometimes not pleasant…but always choosing to adapt so that positive results can be achieved!
Randy Gage is the prosperity expert and firmly believes in your mindset about adapting with a focused positive drive. Or as the late great Vince Lombardi said…”Winning is not an option!”
As a Business Strategist, I work with entrepreneurs who want to adapt and acclimate successfully to the elements of their competition and want is going on out there.
Or as the Chinese General Sun-tsu wrote….”Keep your friends close…keep your enemies closer!”
So what is your competition doing more successfully than you?

Always think with the 4th sale in mind!


Are potential long term customers “flying” away after doing one time business with you?

Well this happens with most of us. We keep on chasing that Gold ring, going round and round hoping to catch and close that deal. And then we never follow up with them.

That is why you should read about and learn from Ed Peters of Relationship Marketing. Not only does he send massive emails to potential clients and attendees at his presentations, but he also diligently mails out postcards, to each and every possible attendee.
As a result he gets a phenomenal response and very high turnout at every one of his presentations!

And the incredible Alan Weiss of Summit Consulting practices and preaches the attitude of “Always think with the 4th sale in mind!” Instead of chasing and chasing after customers, deliver, follow up and continue to do that again and again. Remember you ARE seeking a long term relationship that generates revenue and sales for both of you.

I personally follow both of these very successful men because of their strategies and attitude.
In fact I have been dubbed “The Attitude Amazon” because of my height (5’11″) and the last name of Strong. When you have those traits, you better make it work…..and I do!
I do have the right attitude as you should too!
Why not generate the results that will make a difference in your bottom line…instead of just going after that first sale again and again.
Your time is valuable and so are your skills and services.
Try these techniques, and generate increased revenue.
You know you are worth it!

Eileen Strong
Strong Incentives….Delivers Powerful Results!

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Celebrate everyday of your life!

Image  Today is my birthday and I am celebrating all weekend!

In fact I celebrate everyday the beauty of life. We are so truly blessed in so many ways, that we forget to recognize how special we are.

Whether you are young, middle age or officially now past 60, I am still smiling and loving every breath! And that is not even an exaggeration! Steps that I have taken in life have allowed me to do this. And as a result a lot of positive things have taken place.

Not just the Boy Scout motto of “Be Prepared” but figuring out what to do and when you would like it to happen makes it even better. And of course there is no guarantee on any of that…but at least you put the pieces in place!

As the newly inducted President of National Speakers Association for New Jersey, I am cranking up the next steps on speaking and training even more thru out the country. As long as I can talk, I am employed! No need to think of retirement….which is true for most speaking professionals.

Reach out and ask for help if you are stuck. Most of us really, truly want to help out a fellow human being….and all you have to do is ask! Personally, I help people get rid of the #1 fear that most of us have, and that is speaking in pubic.

If that has ever bothered you….reach out and call me! I’ll send you my free CD on 5 powerful presentation skills that work every time. Also I can coach you to feel empowered whenever you speak.

Get rid of that fear, and celebrate your confidence in life…on stage and off! You are worth it! 

Simply go to to get your FREE CD TODAY!

Your answering machine has an answer for your clients?

Most people are missing out on an opportunity to promote their services at the beginning of it all.

You may have blogged, or written articles, or had a great website…or even networked powerfully….but now you have the opportunity to reaffirm what you have to profitably give to that client, from the first phone call!

Always remember that you have the answer to their “pain” or their problem. And here is where you can promote it with reaffirmation. It can let your clients know up front that you are the one to work with. You are the one to make a difference for them, because you can make a difference!

Because you are so thorough, and so focused on what you have to offer them….you have now deeply planted the seed that you truly ARE THE ONE to WORK with!

Actions and words have such powerful impact. Make use of every one. Such simple steps can have such impact. 

I have rewritten the acronym of the K.I.S.S. theory from “Keep it simple stupid”to “Keep it simple successfully.”  The power of positive truly does make a difference. Your belief system and your attitude along with all of your marketing actions, can make a difference for you and your clients “bottom line!”

Try it….you’ll like it!Image