5 Things You Must Know To Stay Ahead Of Your Competition!

It’s a fact…there will be people better than you at what you do.
Either they are more focused, creative or knowledgable…and their bottom line shows it too!
Instead of floundering, and envious of what they are accomplishing…take assertive next steps to make yourself stand out from the rest.
And literally it must be assertive!
#1: Inundate yourself with your potential clients business. Know what is going on, and how you could make a difference in their productivity. Find out where their problems…their pain is. And then think strategically!

#2: PUT YOURSELF IN THEIR PREDICAMENT. How would you handle it?

#3:  By coming up with two or three different strategies, you approach them with your ideas, stating that you have potential solutions that could be of benefit to them. It could be ideas that they have already tried and even possibly implemented….but you have planted a seed that shows your interest.

#4: And seeds usually grow…when nurtured. Stay active regarding their activities. This may take time, but stay focused, stay in touch. Because many people reach out only once or twice, than they feel that it is not worth their effort.

This is wrong!  Don’t give up. Stay focused…stay “hungry” and stay ahead of your competition. Make yourself unique and make yourself memorable. Others may fall to the side…but you don’t have to!

#5: Be consistent about your social media. Write articles that would benefit your potential customers. Present a dilema and offer a solution. Whether you tweet, or Facebook/Pages or start discussions on Linked In….be consistent. Make your name noticeable and memorable.

Speak to organizations or associations, if you have a topic that would be of interest to them. Remember, discuss a “pain” and offer a solution. As an Adjunct Professor of Marketing at Kean University, I present this business opportunity to my classes all the time.

Yes everything has been already talked about, but there is always an opportunity to come at issues with a slightly different strategy. At StrongIncentives.com I work with clients that need to strategically approach their marketing strategies at a slightly different angle….looking for the “missing piece!”

And sometimes that twist can be right in front of you. Thinking “out of the box” can help you find an angle, an approach or a strategy that catches their eye.

Again, you have planted the seed that you offer something different, something valid and worth taking note of.

This is what makes you stand out from the competition, instead of them standing out ahead of you!

Continue to hone your skills by reading anything by Alan Weiss and Aldonna Ambler. Both niched targeted their markets repeatedly and successfully….as can you too!

I hope to read about you in “People to watch”…as your business accelerates continually!

Eileen Strong

Strong Incentives…delivering powerful results!

Make your marketing material work for you when you are NOT there to market yourself?

Seriously, I’m always amazed at the lack luster attempt that people use to market themselves. You have an incredible opportunity to get your message
out there…amidst all the “noise.” And this can easily be done with your business cards.
Take a good long look at your cards today.
Are you listing these 5 important pieces of information?
#1: Is your name clear and EASY to read?
#2: Is your company clear on what you have to offer?
#3: Do you have a “CALL TO ACTION” on your cards? Remember, you have to be able to tell that potential client of what they can get from you!
#4: Do you have at least 1 or 2 testimonials that show what a client benefited from by using your services?
#5: Do you have a clear and concise listing of how they can reach you?

And you can always do a small press run…and then change it with new testimony, or new services or new reasons to hire you!
As James Malinchak always says…”Always Be Marketing!” He has that sign above his desk, and he states that sentence frequently whenever he is working a group of people who want to learn from him. Either you can be privately coached, or you can attend one of his seminars. But he will tell you repeatedly….A.lways B.e M.arketing! A.B.M.

And that you can do, with a business card that carries a clear concise message, with a call to action, and easy way to contact you and a reason to understand “what is in it for them” because they read of 1 or 2 powerful testimonials that proved you WERE the right person to hire!
You can and should make these changes soon.

As a result you will be more PRODUCTIVE and even more important you will be more PROFITABLE!!
Now that’s nice!
Contact me at Eileen@StrongIncentives.com and ask for your FREE CD on how to speak with credibility, confidence and clarity!
Now that is a call to action, that WILL generate results for you too!

“Who Stole My Confidence?”

Confidence can be fleeting!

It can be dampened by a comment, action or the presence of someone.

As the author of “Who Stole My Confidence? – 7 Rock Solid Steps to Take Yours Back!”, I feel quite knowledgable on the topic. Having worked with hundred of clients over the past several years….I am amazed, how easily it is taken from so many of us. Why do we let this happen?

Whether a supervisor, team manager, partner or friend makes a comment that affects us in a negative way, we immediately start questioning ourselves.

“What did I do wrong?”    “Why am I being reprimanded, and not everyone else?” or

“I had no control of the situation!”  Seriously the list can go on and on. But the end result is that we are questioning our self worth.

It is a simple fact that the human being is on a constant journey of “seeking pleasure and avoiding pain.” And we are trying to avoid the pain when we are being verbally confronted by someone else.” We will replay what has just happened, until we can bring some closure to it.

This can be professional or personal. But both of them can place “chinks” in our armor of self confidence. After awhile the “damage” has to be addressed, otherwise we begin to become defensive. And that doesn’t help our life personally or professionally!”

You have to “name it to claim it” is pretty apropo. By recognizing what is bothering us, instead of repressing it…we “clear the playing field” in our subconscious. If not, it becomes another piece of negative “luggage” piling up. This is what can erode your self confidence, again and again.

By naming it, then writing it down, regarding what is bothering us, allows us to recognize the “hurt” and address it. Instead of shoving it down and allowing it to fester, we are aware of the situation. Next, write down how you feel about it too. Let your emotions be purged. This could be as simple as a word or a sentence. In crude terminology I tell my clients that this is a “mental enama.” And when you think about it,…it really is.

And this IS healthy step to do. It allows your mind to be cleared of the ongoing clutter that is thrown at you all day long. It is how you stay on top of your emotions, instead of letting  them build. And if you continue to do that, the inevitable happens.Eventually you explode, implode or walk around feeling defeated. And that you don’t want.

Staying fresh and aware is critically important everyday. And if you don’t consciously addresss it….trust me, your subconscious will!

The fact remains that we are being judged everyday. Some days you are more aware of it than others. But your “emotional counter” is logging in every event. This can be a very brief exercise, and yet it can have long term positive results.

And since you are in this for the “long run”, why not address how you feel, when verbal comments or looks take place. You know what I am talking about. I’ve been there myself and know how to recognize and deal with it successfully now.

This journey of change is worth it. You no longer need to be a victim of circumstances, you can be a victor and stay in control. And that is all you are really looking for. Like the birds and squirrels in the back yard, “always on the alert”… so can you. It is healthier, emotionally and psychologically.

As a professional speaker, and presentations strategist, I understand how people feel when giving a speech. Their confidence, usually is pretty low…and they do not feel comfortable at the moment. For in their mind they are being judged as they speak. People worry and wonder whether they are being accepted as they present their material. No one likes rejection, so they remained “on edge” as they present. I will gladly send you my free CD on “5 Powerful Steps For A Successful Presentation” if you want to make confident changes! Simply contact me at  Eileen@StrongIncentives.com or go to my website EileenStrong.com.

The choice is yours. As the saying goes “If you always do what you’ve always done, you’ll always get what you’ve always gotten!”

Choose to change, your worth it. Keep your self confidence, crisp, strong and fresh. The payoff will be a person that people want to  be with. Especially you!

Interested in getting a signed copy of my book? I would love to send you one. They are available at Amazon or at my site. Better yet, send me an email at Eileen@StrongIncentives, and I’ll sign it get it out to you at a special introductory price of $8. This is special deal, offered especially for you! And you’re worth it!



5 Mistakes In Your Marketing Materials.

I am amazed at how many people continue to
state all the shining attributes about themselves! (Mistake #1)
Yes it does feel temporarily good, as you reread your material and go over the statistics that you have so proudly listed. But seriously this information, should only be considered as a “seal the deal” bit of “info” and put it at the bottom of your messages.(If you don’t put it there…Mistake #2)

It is still proven that people just want to know, what’s in it for them. What will THEY learn from reading your article, or hiring your services. Let’s get back to the facts that people want to know how they will benefit from using your services.
As an adjunct Prof. of Marketing & Advertising at Kean University, I teach my students that this has to be the core statement in their materials. It is like the “Push or Pull” method of marketing.
Either you are pulling the consumer into wanting something….or, you got it….they are being pushed into “wanting” something .
This becomes the fine line between marketing and sales promotion. But the end result is that you have a consumer who wants to give you their money, and you in turn are going to give them reasons, for them wanting to come back, again and again. (If you don’t…Mistake #3)
If you can satisfied a need, a “hurt” or a “pain” that they have….than you will have a repeat customer.
Seriously, look at the weight loss market.  It will always be a money maker!! As the baby boomers get older and wider; and as the 20 somethings (millenials) find that their high school and college weight is becoming a thing of the past. Well now you have a brand new audience. And that is what you will always be marketing towards.

A good marketer knows how to go after each audience.
You have the answer to the problem that they (the consumer) wants fixed.
So no matter what materials you use to market yourself, please list at least 1 or 2 benefits in the beginning; have 1 listed in the middle….and conclude with at least 1 or 2 reinforced reasons of why they should CHOOSE your services, products or ideas. (If not then you have committed Mistake #4 .)

I have frequently spoken about the K.I.S.S. theory, and I will bring it up again the way it should be addressed. (Keeping a negative mindset is Mistake #5 – Keep it simple “stupid.”)
“K.eep  I.t   S.imple   S.uccessfully”
The consumer, does not want complex information…..they want simple, successful answers.
And that is when it is time for you to go into action with your answering machine message, your business cards, your marketing materials. Each of those components promoting the benefits of you… to that potential new customer…or better yet…a long term repeat customer!
Contact Eileen@StrongIncentives.com for further details, of a 20 minute free marketing strategist session.
Seriously, it’s free…now that’s a good return on your investment….isn’t it?


Always Be Marketing!

Next Sunday, March 19th….you will be able to watch Secret Millionaire. No wait….you MUST watch Secret Millionaire next Sunday. The incredible and dynamic James Malinchak will be sharing his wisdom and his wealth to those in need. Not only will it move you, but you might even get to learn a little about James himself.
He comes from a very small town in Western Pennsylvania…and earned himself a scholarship for basketball. And he deserved it! While playing this game that he loved so much…his sister was fighting a losing battle to cancer. And yes it did affect his life in many ways. It strengthened his respect for life and those who were already involved in his own. This story of hurt and turning things around affected him to be able to tell a story that colleges around the country would pay him generously to tell his story and motivate their students.
He was a natural.
He rocketed to stardom….and he realized he had a niche.
And he began to market himself, with intensity everyday, every week, month and year. Soon his seminars were selling out because of his drive and his passion. He shares with you strategy that will work for anyone’s business.
And his passion continues to flourish with over 500 private one on one business coaching. Entrepreneurs walk away with concrete ideas, next step strategies and a renewed belief system in what he has to offer.
The important line though that you have to take away from this blog, is James motto of….”ALWAYS BE MARKETING.”
What I teach my clients is: “Are your marketing materials, working for you, when you are not there to market yourself?”
You MUST remember that BENEFITS must be listed for your potential client….not your FEATURES. People want to know what is in it for them. What will they get from your services.
WHY should they buy from you?
So create materials with a partner or professional who thinks like you…who understands what you have to offer. And do it constantly. Get your message out there.
Again….and again…..and again.
As James Malinchak says…”Always be marketing”….and hopefully you will be the next Secret Millionaire.
That’s my game plan and I’m sticking to it!
How about you?
That is why I always say…Eileen Strong of Strong Incentives…delivers Powerful Results!

Not everyone is going to like you!

You have heard of the 80/20 rule? It is true with everything in life….especially when you make a presentation. Even one that you have prepared for!
Vil Pareto in the 1880’s is credited with this statistic that 80% will like and 20% will dislike….no matter what!
And this statistic can be applied to almost anything in life.
Such as you get along with 80% of the people you work with and 20% you have chosen… not to relate to. This statistic is applicable to many other similar things in life…and I am sure you can understand this.
But, the fact remains that when you make a presentation…someone is surely going to find fault with it. And possibly they will even let you know it. It’s their objective to probably let the people around them to know it, and then THEY might even spread the word of their displeasure.
As a professional trainer, I have experienced this more than once! I knew my material. I presented it with credibility. The majority of people who attended, benefitted from the my course. But disharmony existed, and those scorned people let me know it!
So how do you address this? Because this malignancy can do damage to your presentation, your self belief and your presentation skills.
If possible find out what caused them to feel so disgruntled. Ask how you let them down?
Address it in a professional manner and see how you can rectify it for them. They probably will be complimented by your interest in them, and will be pleased to find out that their concern had impact on you!
Then take it to the next step and rectify it when you make that presentation again.
Trial and error is an ongoing deal whenever you present with frequency. Tweak your speech each time….and fewer people will be going “to the dark side.”
Knowing that not everyone will always like you. Just ask any former presidential candidate.
Eileen Strong is eager to create a powerful results presentations for you and your team today.

Got F.E.A.R?

Have you heard “the only thing you have to fear, is fear itself?” Well lets break this apart.
This acronym stands for F.alse E.xpectations A.ppearing R.eal.
And that is what happens when we are not sure of our own level of confidence or self doubt… when it comes to a presentation. Taking control of the situation is critically important.

As the talented Alan Weiss says….”The first sale is to yourself”….and then after that “one should always think with the 4th sale in mind.”
We tend to let this fear….and the expectations that we will screw up on all the problems that may surface; or if our nerves “win out” and a poor or simply lackluster presentation takes place. Now that would bite!
Realize that this fear is simply festering in YOUE thoughts. And the fear is growing as soon as you think of the upcoming presentation.
Take control of your situation, your belief systems and ACCEPT that your knowledge is valid. Also that you will share your wisdom, in such a way that people will recognize it…and make positive comments on it.
You practiced, and practiced, and you knew your material. You minimized and rid yourself of this f.e.a.r. and you made your presentation rock!
Dr. Milton Erickson addressed these fears and had all of his clients practice a mopdified form of N.L.P. called Neural LInguistic Programing. This technique, which requires you to repeat a positive phrased sentence and then reinforces that belief. If you do not honor that strategy you will let your fear win.
And your NOT worth that happening.

Eileen Strong is your expert in presentation skills.

Celebrating your success!

Well today is Ground Hogs day and supposedly it has been determined that we will not be having a longer winter. Really doesn’t matter since we have already had our fair share of winter already here on the Jersey Shore.
Personally I am celebrating this day since it is my son’s 23rd birthday. And it will be great!
But I want you to celebrate every time you present to an audience. Whether it is a nationally “recognized” day…such as that infamous groundhog….or it is a day that you
made a great and confident presentation.
Celebrate that event!
Celebrate your renewed confidence.
Celebrate that your message was received….enthusiastically and memorably.
AND it will be since you opened with a powerful memorable sentence….one that “grabbed them” with impact. (You did not open up with “It’s good to speak to you today”…..because that is boring and normal.)
Your opening line had power that related to your message and your closing line was as equally memorable.
This you have to practice at.
Think about your message.
Think about your audience.
Think about what you want the audience to “walk away with”….as they leave, but comment later by email, personal phone call or even a handshake!
Because you came up with a story that carried a message. Because you practiced your presentation. Because you had a powerful opening and closing line.
Because your middle portion of your presentation involved a story that was relevant and even somewhat personal…you bonded with your audience. And that is what counts.
You can do this! Leave behind the fear, and embrace the confidence. The choice is yours…every time. As a professional presentations skills coach, my objective is for you to discover how credible and compelling you can be every time you speak.
Strong Incentives…helps you deliver powerful results every time!
Thus allowing you to CELEBRATE your day…as if it was “holiday”, and birthday…or a day that allowed you to present with credibility!

Strong Incentives delivers powerful results!

Say What You Mean, Mean What You Say and Don’t Be Mean When You Say It

The power of YOUR words.
Seriously think about it. What you can say can have such lasting impact in your professional and personal life. The power of just a few words can make or break a persons relationship with you directly.
When you were young….you probably heard “sticks and stone can break my bones but words can never hurt me”….what a crock!

Words hurt.
It’s that simple.
Words can hurt and words can heal.
Seriously think before you speak, because what you say can have such long term impact on lives.
Whether you are speaking to a group of 4, 40 or 400 people…choose your words carefully. They can have impact!
Think before you speak.
Your presentation can be so profound and so powerful….and it comes back to you. What did you say…and why did you say it?

You can take an audience who may only have a moderate amount of intention of listening to you….but then you can turn it around and make it powerful and compelling.
Seriously, think before you speak.
Probably you will capture more credibility with your audience AND clients.
It sounds so simple….but it truly is so powerful.

Got confidence?

Whatever stage in life you might be at, your confidence can be challenged at anytime.
Whether you are in negotiations for a job, promotion or a pay raise, you will probably question yourself. Possibly you will have second thoughts while it is taking place, or more so, you will question yourself after the event is over with.
It will be inevitable that you will have some slight doubt that you may have said something wrong.
This is natural and this is healthy. Be cautious though. You can be your own worst enemy very easily, in your journey of wanting to see only the best results. The best approach is addressing this issue to rehearse your thoughts and your actions!
Review what questions you would ask, if the roles where reversed?
Seriously play it out in your mind. We tend to “beat ourselves up afterwards”…and we do it quite well. Instead, because you were prepared; because you anticipated potential questions or topics. And because of that, no matter what direction the conversation went….you were comfortable. You had confidence. You felt good.

When you carry that strong belief system with you, there is a presence to you. And other people know it.
It might be subtle…but it is to your advantage.

Yes, confidence takes practice. Feeling good about yourself is a constant journey. And it is up to you to control it. Seriously….it is.
Otherwise, fear will take over. Even in the smallest amounts. And then you begin to question yourself again.
Talk it out loud how you want to sound, how you want to look. Get comfortable with it. Take just a few actions and practice them. Then do it again….and again. At a certain point, it will feel comfortable. But it is up to you take the first small step.
This is an investment in yourself and your future. Make it a worthy one. Believe in you and believe in the positive outcome that YOU can generate.
As a presentations skills coach and a therapist, I can help you make changes within your life. Strong Incentives, truly does offer powerful results!