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The #1 fear that people have is SPEAKING IN PUBLIC. Discover how to speak with confidence and clarity whenever you present!

Customized Presentation Skill Sessions

Have a specific, personalized file created  for you specific needs. We will create a campaign for you that shows you how to present and share your knowledge with clarity, credibility, and confidence. Next, discover how to take your presentation from confident to COMPELLING!

Eileen will make a MP3 file that addresses your goals and helps you achieve them. This 30 minute MP3 file is created specifically for you. Download it to your computer, iPod, or other audio player for long term reinforcement. Become the speaker you are meant to be! Leave your fears behind and deliver a message that is memorable every time you speak. You KNOW your material. Now show your audiences that you are the person to listen to!

Cost: $75 for each personalized MP3 file.

Consulting Phone Session Packages

Customized MP3 files and coaching sessions accelerate your goals and achieve RESULTS that are limitless! Listen to powerful, concise coaching on monthly MP3 files that are created to meet your specific needs and then  follow up with bi-weekly sessions that integrate into and compliment the personalized recordings.

Discover how to achieve your goals more than ever before. The power of your mind is limitless! Eileen will work with you as a consultant that focuses on your specific needs. Whether you NEED to reduce your “fear of public speaking” or strategically improve your entrepreneurial skills; this program is perfect! Leave behind your excuses and achieve laser focused goals and results. You are worth it!

Platinum program – 3 one hour consultant calls that focus on targeted results. Strategies, marketing plans, and goals are created to explode your profits with a purpose. $465

Gold program – 2 one hour consultant calls focused on assertive strategies to grow your business. Leave your excuses or procrastination behind. Share your expertise and increase your profits today! $325

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Self-Improvement Sessions

“Release Your Weight and Stop Your Emotional Eating!”

Are you an emotional eater? Do you eat too fast and too frequently or even binge eat? Remember it’s not what you are eating…it’s what is eating at you! You can choose to “release” your weight and to not “lose” it, because lost things are usually found! Begin conquering your cravings with your mind and shed the pounds and inches today. Thru daily playing of this powerful download you can reframe your beliefs about food, and the relationship that you have with it. You are worth all of these life-changes today!

Price: $9.95

“Don’t Study More Than 20 Minutes”

Minimize your test anxiety and improve your G.P.A. Your subconcious is the answer. Discover the unlimited power within your mind. This technique is scientifically established and works. Also learn powerful memory techniques that will take your retention to a new level! Achieve the grades you know you are capable of earning.

Price: $9.95

“Relax and Release your Stress!”

Listen and learn techniques that will allow you to minimize the stress within your personal and professional life. Choose to be in control and no longer let stressful events control you. Let your body and mind begin working as one. These changes will calm, relax, and reclaim your peace of mind. A healthier life is yours. This 35 minute MP3 file is comparable to 2 hours of sleep. This is a gift you deserve. Minimize your stress to maximize your success!

Price: $9.95

“Sleep Peacefully Tonight”

Release, relax, and soothingly fall asleep to this hypnotic and calming MP3 file. Learn healthier sleep techniques in Part 1. Then close your eyes to an additional 40 minutes of calming, sleep conducive words and music that allow you a deep, refreshing, quality sleep every night. Be awake, refreshed, and alert in the morning. Sweet dreams…

Price: $9.95

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