5 Things You Must Know To Stay Ahead Of Your Competition!

It’s a fact…there will be people better than you at what you do.
Either they are more focused, creative or knowledgable…and their bottom line shows it too!
Instead of floundering, and envious of what they are accomplishing…take assertive next steps to make yourself stand out from the rest.
And literally it must be assertive!
#1: Inundate yourself with your potential clients business. Know what is going on, and how you could make a difference in their productivity. Find out where their problems…their pain is. And then think strategically!

#2: PUT YOURSELF IN THEIR PREDICAMENT. How would you handle it?

#3:  By coming up with two or three different strategies, you approach them with your ideas, stating that you have potential solutions that could be of benefit to them. It could be ideas that they have already tried and even possibly implemented….but you have planted a seed that shows your interest.

#4: And seeds usually grow…when nurtured. Stay active regarding their activities. This may take time, but stay focused, stay in touch. Because many people reach out only once or twice, than they feel that it is not worth their effort.

This is wrong!  Don’t give up. Stay focused…stay “hungry” and stay ahead of your competition. Make yourself unique and make yourself memorable. Others may fall to the side…but you don’t have to!

#5: Be consistent about your social media. Write articles that would benefit your potential customers. Present a dilema and offer a solution. Whether you tweet, or Facebook/Pages or start discussions on Linked In….be consistent. Make your name noticeable and memorable.

Speak to organizations or associations, if you have a topic that would be of interest to them. Remember, discuss a “pain” and offer a solution. As an Adjunct Professor of Marketing at Kean University, I present this business opportunity to my classes all the time.

Yes everything has been already talked about, but there is always an opportunity to come at issues with a slightly different strategy. At I work with clients that need to strategically approach their marketing strategies at a slightly different angle….looking for the “missing piece!”

And sometimes that twist can be right in front of you. Thinking “out of the box” can help you find an angle, an approach or a strategy that catches their eye.

Again, you have planted the seed that you offer something different, something valid and worth taking note of.

This is what makes you stand out from the competition, instead of them standing out ahead of you!

Continue to hone your skills by reading anything by Alan Weiss and Aldonna Ambler. Both niched targeted their markets repeatedly and successfully….as can you too!

I hope to read about you in “People to watch”…as your business accelerates continually!

Eileen Strong

Strong Incentives…delivering powerful results!

Make your marketing material work for you when you are NOT there to market yourself?

Seriously, I’m always amazed at the lack luster attempt that people use to market themselves. You have an incredible opportunity to get your message
out there…amidst all the “noise.” And this can easily be done with your business cards.
Take a good long look at your cards today.
Are you listing these 5 important pieces of information?
#1: Is your name clear and EASY to read?
#2: Is your company clear on what you have to offer?
#3: Do you have a “CALL TO ACTION” on your cards? Remember, you have to be able to tell that potential client of what they can get from you!
#4: Do you have at least 1 or 2 testimonials that show what a client benefited from by using your services?
#5: Do you have a clear and concise listing of how they can reach you?

And you can always do a small press run…and then change it with new testimony, or new services or new reasons to hire you!
As James Malinchak always says…”Always Be Marketing!” He has that sign above his desk, and he states that sentence frequently whenever he is working a group of people who want to learn from him. Either you can be privately coached, or you can attend one of his seminars. But he will tell you repeatedly….A.lways B.e M.arketing! A.B.M.

And that you can do, with a business card that carries a clear concise message, with a call to action, and easy way to contact you and a reason to understand “what is in it for them” because they read of 1 or 2 powerful testimonials that proved you WERE the right person to hire!
You can and should make these changes soon.

As a result you will be more PRODUCTIVE and even more important you will be more PROFITABLE!!
Now that’s nice!
Contact me at and ask for your FREE CD on how to speak with credibility, confidence and clarity!
Now that is a call to action, that WILL generate results for you too!


Always Be Marketing!

Next Sunday, March 19th….you will be able to watch Secret Millionaire. No wait….you MUST watch Secret Millionaire next Sunday. The incredible and dynamic James Malinchak will be sharing his wisdom and his wealth to those in need. Not only will it move you, but you might even get to learn a little about James himself.
He comes from a very small town in Western Pennsylvania…and earned himself a scholarship for basketball. And he deserved it! While playing this game that he loved so much…his sister was fighting a losing battle to cancer. And yes it did affect his life in many ways. It strengthened his respect for life and those who were already involved in his own. This story of hurt and turning things around affected him to be able to tell a story that colleges around the country would pay him generously to tell his story and motivate their students.
He was a natural.
He rocketed to stardom….and he realized he had a niche.
And he began to market himself, with intensity everyday, every week, month and year. Soon his seminars were selling out because of his drive and his passion. He shares with you strategy that will work for anyone’s business.
And his passion continues to flourish with over 500 private one on one business coaching. Entrepreneurs walk away with concrete ideas, next step strategies and a renewed belief system in what he has to offer.
The important line though that you have to take away from this blog, is James motto of….”ALWAYS BE MARKETING.”
What I teach my clients is: “Are your marketing materials, working for you, when you are not there to market yourself?”
You MUST remember that BENEFITS must be listed for your potential client….not your FEATURES. People want to know what is in it for them. What will they get from your services.
WHY should they buy from you?
So create materials with a partner or professional who thinks like you…who understands what you have to offer. And do it constantly. Get your message out there.
Again….and again…..and again.
As James Malinchak says…”Always be marketing”….and hopefully you will be the next Secret Millionaire.
That’s my game plan and I’m sticking to it!
How about you?
That is why I always say…Eileen Strong of Strong Incentives…delivers Powerful Results!

Do Your Marketing Materials Have a “Call to Action?”

This is a major mistake that exists on your business cards and your marketing materials!
Yes….you list all of your features of what you can do for a potential client. That’s great….but it does not motivate them to e-mail, text or call you.
You MUST list features after every benefit.
Remember….what’s in it for me?
Yes, people will read your card, but to capture their attention…to get them to contact you, LIST THE BENEFITS of what they will achieve or receive whenever they work with you.
Take a few minutes right now.
Look at your literature. Look at your cards, leave-behinds, one sheets, etc.
What are the reasons that they should contact you?
Yes you know what you have to offer….now make it crystal clear of what they will get!
If you are a entrepreneur, put yourself in your potential customers place. Would YOU call or email after reading what you had to offer.
Remember….Create to Relate to Capture!
Repeat with confidence, and watch your bottom line change!
As a Professor of Marketing at Kean University I make this very clear to my students every class.
They learn that this is how the world reacts to YOUR message.
So….make it memorable, create a call to action and the benefits that they will have working with you… successfully!
I always list the fact that my company Strong Incentives creates productive and profitable entrepreneurs who present and market themselves with credibility and confidence.
As a result their bottom line speaks for itself!
Strong Incentives….Powerful Results!