“Tis the season”

Yes, it is the season to celebrate so many things. The fun of family, celebrations, gift giving, laughter and memories. It is your choice of how you to choose to celebrate it.
Many of you have a double celebration as does my husband. His birthday is December 23rd, and he has dubbed it “48 hours of decadency!” Now that is a great attitude! Many people have several memorable dates around this crazy, intense filled week, but is how you personally handle it. I know many people with birthdays and anniversaries this month. And they celebrate each event with intensity. As they should!
Sadness is apparently abundant too.
Depression fills up so many lives. See if you can help people plagued by that.
Still, please find a reason for the season. Whether it is religious as it is for me. My family and I find it a special time to celebrate the birth of Christ. Church services are important and we honor them.
How do you celebrate this time of year? The act of giving; whether it is a smile, or gesture or gifts given to needy families…please be generous with this.
Make memories in your own way. This is truly up to you how you handle this intense part of the year….but remember to give time to yourself, and time to another person in your life. Volunteer, give a gift to a needy child or family. Give a coat to a person without one. Give a gesture of kindness to a stranger.
The rewards will be worth it.
Celebrate the season.
Celebrate the holiday.
Celebrate Christmas!
Merry Christmas to all!